Garment Printing Services

There are numerous garment printing services & methods available, the main methods we offer are:-

Screen Printing

Transfer Printing

Reflective Printing

Screen printing is ideally suited if you have single or multiple colours you need printed, and is more cost effective when you order over 100 garments. The minimum order for screen printing is 25 garments.
Perfect for fine detail designs

We can print on the majority of clothing and offer a Pantone matching service.

Transfer printing is the best solution if you require a small number of prints, individual names or numbers printed, or have a difficult material that can not be screen printed, e.g. waterproof jackets and certain bags. No minimum order (unless pantone matching is required).

We offer single colour through to full colour prints which can be pantone matched in some circumstances

We offer a full range of reflective transfers, ideal for health & safety requirements. We also manufacture bespoke designs if you need one specific for your company.

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