Workwear Embroidered offer a wide range of schoolwear available for schools around Devon and all of the UK, from polos to fleeces.

We also supply book bags, gymsacs, name tapes, caps, trousers, skirts, sportswear and many more products.

Most schools require their pupils to wear school uniforms, and there have been many conversations and debates about school uniforms and whether students should have the choice to wear their own clothes, some parents believe the disadvantage of wearing a school uniform is that students are unable to show their personality through their clothing by not being able to demonstrate a sense of fashion or style.

We supply embroidered school uniforms at the best quality and prices in the UK, with polos complete with the school logo starting from £6.00 each.

Why use us for your Schoolwear

We have been a supplier of plain and branded schoolwear for a number of years.

By offering a range of only quality known brands, along with our in-house embroidery and printing facilities, and some of the best prices, its not a surprise the number of schools turning to us to provide their school uniform.

Ordering from us

To order from us, please visit our dedicated schoolwear site – Schoolwear Direct

Schoolwear Direct

Alternatively, please email or call a member of the sales team on 01392 691026.

If your school is already working with us, your school will have been given a direct link to their school page on our dedicated website to place orders online.

Recent Decoration

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